The Trauma & Orthopaedic Department is actively involved in research across the breadth of the specialty.

The list below is a sample of some fo the more recent publications

  1. Cement-in-cement femoral component revision in the multiply revised total hip arthroplasty results with a minimum follow-up of five years Sandiford, N.A.,Jameson, S.S.Wilson, M.J.Timperley, A.J.Howell, J.R. BJJ 2017; 99-B (2), pp. 199-203
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  3. No Difference Between Trabecular Metal Cones and Femoral Head Allografts in Revision TKA: Minimum 5-year Followup Sandiford, N.A.,Misur, P.Garbuz, D.S.Greidanus, N.V.Masri, B.A. CORR 2017; 475 (1), pp. 118-124
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  27. Collier T, Roadley-Battin M, Darlow C, Chant P, Hing CB, Smith TO. Analysis of conference abstract-to-publication rate in UK orthopaedic research. BMJ Evidence Based Medicine 2017. In Press.

The Department is involved in a large number of collaborative Trials.

PAPO trial: pain in osteoarthritis

SPRING trial: treatment of patellar dislocation

AMPSIM: upper limb amputation haptics multicenter

DRAFFT2: distal radius fixation

FORTIFY: bone substitutes (industry)

Apifix: spinal fixation in set up (industry)

BOSS: paeds multicenter SUFE observational

DISC: Dupuytren’s trial in set up

COPET: pain with tibial fractures in set up

UKSafe: revision THR/TKR in set up

WHIST: PICO dressings

SCIENCE: medial epicondyle fractures in set up

TULIP: pelvic fracture trial in set up

PEP-TALK: physio after THR/TKR in set up